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Sling Safety

Babywearing safety
how to use a wrap or sling carrier safely

Understanding babywearing safety is essential if you want to use a baby or toddler wrap or sling to keep your little one close and your hands free for other tasks and activities – or to deal with the rest of your brood!

Our baby sling safety guide will help to ensure you’re both comfortable, and that baby is safe and secure, so you can relax and enjoy the wonderfully bonding babywearing experience.

However, on top of observing the safety tips below, it’s also essential to regularly check your baby while in the sling or wrap, to make sure their nose and mouth are free from obstructions.

Baby wrap and baby sling safety guide

These babywearing safety tips apply to all of our carriers; the Mei Tai, our baby pouch/toddler sling and the Sa-Be.

  • Always check that you’ve bought the right type of sling or wrap for your baby’s size, age and weight.

  • Ensure your baby is held securely at all times, including during tying.

  • Ensure your baby’s air way is clear at all times – their chin should be off their chest with room to insert 2 of your fingers between chin and chest.

  • Ensure you can see your baby’s face – never cover baby’s face or head with fabric.

  • Slings act like an extra layer of clothing; please dress yourself and your baby appropriately to avoid overheating.

  • Never use your sling in a situation where carrying your baby in your arms would be inappropriate.

  • Be mindful of dangerous objects your baby can reach while in the sling.

  • Check your sling before each use for signs of wear and tear. Do not use if damaged.

  • Always secure your sling with a double knot.

  • Ensure baby’s head is well supported.

  • Do not leave a baby or child unattended with a sling.

  • Be aware that loose fabric will allow your baby to slump, which can be uncomfortable for you and also restrict baby’s breathing – so make sure you tie your sling tightly enough to hold them securely in the correct position.

More babywearing safety tips…

Whether you’ve purchased a baby sling or carrier from us here at Tag Togs or elsewhere, always read and adhere to the accompanying instructions to ensure you’re using the carrier correctly.

You can find further information on baby sling safety here, and we’d also strongly advise checking that you’re getting your babywearing safety right by contacting your local babywearing instructor via Trageschule or the School of Babywearing.

You can also find more information here with a comprehensive guide to slings

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