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Baby Pouch/Toddler Slings

Buy a beautifully made 100% cotton baby pouch from Tag Togs and enjoy the benefits of babywearing with this comfortable, versatile fabric baby and toddler sling carrier.

Even if you’re new to the concept of babywearing, carrying babies and toddlers in a fabric pouch or sling is actually nothing new, with Asian cultures using this method for hundreds of years.

Our baby pouches and toddler slings are very similar to a ring sling in its design, and may also be known as a cross body sling.

Our gorgeous handmade pouch/sling carriers can be used for babies from around 6 months – or as soon as they have good control over their head – right through ‘toddlerhood’ until 3 or 4 years old.

Baby pouch and toddler sling design options 
We have several different design options for the pouch slings for sale in our online shop.

Made from 100% woven cotton twill fabric, the Tag Togs baby pouch/toddler sling comes in plain black, can be fully lined to give you a 2-in-1 reversible option, or handmade with your choice of accent panel added to the front.

Baby pouch/toddler sling carrier size options 
Our baby/toddler pouch is a very versatile sling carrier and is worn diagonally across the body and tightened by flipping one edge over the shoulder.

Unlike our baby/toddler Mei Tai fabric carriers which are suitable for all size of adults, our pouches come in 7 different sizes to ensure a safe, secure and comfortable fit.

To find your size, please measure diagonally across your back – from your shoulder to your diagonally opposite hip – and refer to our baby pouch sizing guidelines chart for sizes.

For women with a chest measurement bigger than a D cup, please measure diagonally across the front.

Benefits of using a baby pouch or toddler sling
Wondering if a Tag Togs baby/toddler pouch is right type of fabric baby sling or carrier for you? Here are a few of the benefits they offer to you and baby!

Long lasting – you can use your fabric sling as a baby pouch right up to a toddler age – giving you plenty of value for money.
Hands free – whatever you need to do, you can keep your baby close or ease a tired toddler’s feet while keeping your hands free for other children, chores or even a well-earned treat!
Space saving – as a fully fabric sling carrier, our pouches can be folded down nice and small for easy carrying and so you can just reach for it from your bag when you need it.
Easy to use – after a few goes, you’ll soon find its second nature and super quick to put on your pouch – just make sure you choose the right size before ordering!

The Tag Togs baby pouch and toddler sling carrier is a great way to stay close to your baby, build that special bond and manage other tasks while still putting their needs for love and warmth first – you may also be interested in our Mei Tai carriers or our Sa-Be baby carrier for newborns.

How to use your baby pouch/toddler sling:

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