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100% cotton Sa-Be newborn baby carrier wrap sling

If you’re looking for a high quality baby carrier wrap sling for your newborn so that you can enjoy hands-free parenting and all the other fantastic benefits of babywearing, please check out and order one of our single or two-colour newborn carriers below…

These gorgeous, 100% cotton baby carrier wraps – known as a Sa-Be – is designed to be strong, comfortable and ergonomic, giving you a natural way to carry your newborn just like ancient cultures started doing hundreds of years ago!

Our newborn carrier slings use the same basic wrapping method used for many other wraps available, but the unique tubular design of the Sa-Be wrap means it has MORE structure. This makes it suitable not just for newborn babies but also allows you to use it for carrying heavy toddlers too.

Choose your single or double-sided baby wrap sling here…

Both our single and double sided Sa-Be baby carrier wraps are fully reversible, and can be custom made in your choice from over 30 different colours and patterned fabric options.

The Sa-Be toddler and newborn carriers are very simple to use and one size fits all – no buckles to adjust between caregivers!

Machine washable and made in the UK from quality cotton, simply select your single or double colour options below:

Tying instructions for our baby carrier wraps

Every baby carrier wrap sling is sold with a full colour instruction booklet, featuring simple to follow photo instructions alongside detailed text descriptions – there are also videos available on our Facebook page and website.