Beautiful handmade baby clothes – perfect for babywearing

We offer a stunning range of handmade baby clothes, crafted in the UK by our expert seamstresses, and specially designed to work with slings and wrap carriers for babywearing fans!

Whether you’re looking for baby and toddler clothes suitable for babywearing, or you simply want to get your hands on some good quality UK-made baby clothing, Tag Togs is here to help! We offer both standard and custom baby clothes, with a stunning selection of fabrics and designs to keep your baby or little one comfy, cosy and looking super cool!


Our custom and handmade baby clothes

Made out of luxuriously soft jersey fabric, our range of baby clothes includes baby dresses, romper suits and harem pants – plus a fab range of colourful dribble bibs.

For mums and dads who favour babywearing, you’ll be delighted to hear that our romper suits and harem pants aren’t just funky, but functional too! Spacious with plenty of room to accommodate for cloth nappies, the extra long cuffs are ideal to help you minimise the dreaded gap between socks and trouser legs. You can simply fold the cuffs up or down to suit sling carrying or ‘floor time’, and enjoy even better value as the longer legs means they’ll fit baby for longer too!

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Romper Suits

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Harem Pants

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Dribble Bibs


Our handmade baby clothes come in a range of sizes:


Our custom baby clothes

If you can’t quite find the right design for your baby, we also offer custom baby clothes that can be made to order.

Simply explore our full range of beautiful cotton jersey fabrics on our facebook page and drop us an email with your favourite and the size you wish to order, and we’ll be delighted to help!

We make our custom clothes in baby sizes up to 18 months, and for toddlers and children up to 8 years old.


Why choose TagTogs baby clothes?

Many babywearing parents notice a few issues with regular baby clothing once the child is placed in a sling.

The position adopted by the baby when in a fabric sling or wrap can see little one’s legs unable to bend and stretch properly when in a traditional baby grow – and trousers can easily ride up the leg or simply leave a gap between the socks due to the ‘spread-squat’ position.

Our romper suits are the ideal alternative to restrictive baby grows, preventing toes from being scrunched up, feet from arching and allowing them to sit comfortably in your chosen babywearing sling.

All of our romper suits and trousers have longer cuffs to allow a warm, snug fit whether in the sling or roaming free, and all of our dribble bibs and handmade baby clothes have been designed, tried, tested and made by an experienced and passionate babywearing mum!